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Tax Calculation
The amount of tax charged depends upon many factors, including the types of items purchased and the destination of the shipment.
If an item is subject to sales tax in the state to which the order is shipped, tax is generally calculated on the total selling price of each individual item. In accordance with state laws, the total selling price of an item may include shipping and handling charges and discounts. In some states, personalization may be taxed differently than the item.
The tax rate applied to your order will generally be the combined state and local rate for the address where you order will be shipped. Therefore, the sales tax rate applied to your order may be different for an order shipped to your home address than it is for the very same order shipped to your work address.
Please note that many factors may change between the time you place an order and the time your order is shipped, which could affect the calculation of sales taxes. Therefore, the amount appearing on your order as "Estimated Tax" may differ from the sales taxes ultimately charged when your order ships.
Below is a list of applicable state sales tax rates. County and city sales tax rates will be added to the tax calculation if required. Please note that sales of clothing items are not taxable in MN, NJ, PA, and RI and in some instances CT, MA, and VT.

State Tax Rates. Add any Applicable County and City Taxes. AL 4% AR 6.5% AZ 5.6%
CA 6% CO 2.9% CT 6.35% DC 6% FL 6% GA 4% IA 6%
ID 6% IL 6.25% IN 7% KS 6.5% KY 6% LA 4.45% MD 6%
ME 5.5% MI 6% MO 4.225% MS 7% NC 4.75% ND 5% NE 5.5%
NM 5.125% NV 4.6% NY 4% OH 5.75% OK 4.5% SC 6% TN 7%
TX 6.25% UT 4.85%